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3 Hidden Truths about the Baby Clothing Industry that will Shock You (and why Organic is best!)

Everyday Cotton  Everyday (non-organic) cotton accounts for 25% of the chemicals used on crops worldwide. Excess remainder from these poisons are transferred from the soil, making their way into the fibers of our conventional cotton clothing. Even the smallest dose of chemical (involving insecticide and pesticide) exposure has been linked to brain and fetal damage in humans.  Choose Organic  Organic fabrics are better for your body and when grown organically, it conserves land biodiversity. The growing and harvesting of organic cotton also uses 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton making it the more environmentally-friendly choice.     2. Synthetic fabrics  Did you know that your skin keeps you healthy by discharging up to .5kg of toxins per day?...

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